Google Plus Launches Branded Business Pages

The Google Plus feature every business has been waiting for is finally here: Branded Google Plus Pages for Businesses.

With the announcement that branded business pages had been launched, business can now create a Google+ account specifically for their brand.

A number of pages were already available at the time of the announcement (Google allowed some brands to beta test them earlier). I’ve listed a few branded pages below and you can also get a sample list of business pages from Google’s blog post.

Here’s a quick video from Google. I specially like this line, “I don’t expect anything monetarily — that will come.” because it helps focused the message around using business pages for connecting and being social with customers as opposed to “marketing” to them.


Google+ Business Page Samples

Pepsi, Toyota, and Angry Birds make good use of photos by posting a series of images that creates the feel of a single landscape photo. This is something many businesses try to do on their Facebook pages — but with one big difference. On Facebook, the images change position each time a page is visited or refreshed. Even if you upload images in the order you want them to display — they don’t. So I’m really happy Google noticed that flaw and keeps images in order. This will allow businesses to be more creative and dress up their pages.


Google Plus Business Page for Pepsi

Pepsi Business Page on Google Plus


Google Plus Business Page for Toyota

Toyota Business Page on Google Plus

Angry Birds

Who doesn’t love Angry Birds? I specially love how they kept the brand fun with adding a most compelling business description: “Ca-caw!”.

Google Plus Business Page for Angry Birds Game

Angry Birds Business Page on Google Plus


Google Plus Business Page for Android Phone

Android Business Page on Google Plus


Macy’s wasted no time jumping into the holiday spirit by adding some festive photos to their gallery. A nice, non-salesy, way to start their page but I can see how they can use the photo gallery to present sales and coupons to customers circling them.

Google Plus Business Page for Macy's

Macy's Business Page on Google Plus


This WWE page (and like a few others here) added photos of some colorful wrestling characters. Unfortunately, they didn’t know that the images aren’t limited to the 150x 150 pixel thumbnail size. The images can be larger and will display perfectly as long as the images are proportional. I recommend using images no larger than 720 x 720 pixels.

World Wrestling Entertainment Business Page on Google Plus

WWE Business Page on Google Plus


For musicians and bands, Google Plus business pages could be a great marketing tool. Coldplay uses the photo gallery to display album covers. As a band, this is a nice use but it could be such more if Google could drop in a couple more features.

I’d love it if Google would allow users to choose which photos to display (no matter what album they’re in) on the home page as opposed to displaying five photos from the most recent uploads. In this way, Bands could create separate photo albums for each their music albums — Album cover art, band member photos, concert images, etc. Then the user could choose one image from each photo album t feature on the home page.

As long as I’m shooting for the stars, imagine how useful it could be for businesses to upload audio files. Bands could drop preview tracks of their songs and even offer special songs for free download.

Google Plus Business Page for Coldplay

Coldplay Business Page on Google Plus

Dallas Cowboys

Seeing videos in their stream reminds to to request Google to upgrade the image gallery to also include videos. Perhaps with an option to let the business choose between showing five photos or 2-3 video boxes. This would be a great tool for businesses to promote their products and promotional videos.

Google Plus Business Page for Dallas Cowboys Football Team

Dallas Cowboys Business Page on Google Plus

Google Plus and Search Results

As Google launched business pages yesterday, they’ve wasted no time in displaying posts from Google Plus business pages into their search results pages. A quick search for “WWE” came back with the displaying posts from WWE’s Google Business Page directly under their main website site links.

Considering Google can no longer display real-time results from Twitter, this is a big plus.

Post from Google Plus Business Pages Already Added to Search Results

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What do you think of the new business pages? Have you create your own business page yet? If you have, please drop a link to your page in the comments.

Please post your thoughts and comments below. Thanks!