Why You Need To Register Your Business Domain Name Now

Your business name is your biggest asset. Don’t let it be purchased by someone else!

Domain names can be requested and purchased by anyone. Which means, if you haven’t registered a domain name for your business, someone else can easily swoop in and take control of your brand name!

More importantly, the system works on a first-come, first-serve basis to allocate the exact (or similar) domain names you may need.

205.8 Million Registered Domain Names (source: Pingdom.com)

  • 88.8 million .COM domain names
  • 13.2 million .NET domain names
  • 8.6 million.ORG domain names
  • 79.2 million country code top-level domains (e.g. .CN, .UK, .DE, etc.).

Although there are many places you can buy a domain, I trust Domain-Blaster.com and have bought over 400 domain names through them.

Domain-Blastercom Home Page

If you haven’t secured a business domain name already, do it soon.

Three tips to help protect your business domain name.

  1. Register your domain name with multiple domain extensions. You’ll want to cover all the bases to avoid anyone from registering yourbusinesname.co (or .net, .info, etc.)
  2. Register your name for more than one year. In addition to search engines giving more weight to domain names with longer registration periods, you’ll enjoy knowing you’ve locked down your domain name.
  3. Set your registration to automatically renew. Far too many businesses lose their precious domain names simply because it wasn’t renewed on time. Setting your domain to automatically renew will avoid this from happening.

For such a low cost, nothing can give you a better return on your investment than investing in a domain name.

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