Why Small Businesses Need to Blog

As a small business owner, having a blog is essential for connecting to social media, cutting through the noise, finding a niche and customers and readers that want to connect with you.

When you’re the owner of a small business, you come to realize just how large the world is as well as how much competition and noise is out there. Having a blog and connecting with social media sites is a great way to start cutting through that noise, finding a niche and the customers and readers that want to connect with you.

Blogs certainly aren’t a new technology, and neither is social media. When you use them in concert though, you can find some great benefits. It’s a cost effective way of spreading awareness about your business too. Social networking is free, and running a blog is within the realm of just about any company’s budget.

Blogging and Connecting with Social Media

If you have interesting and valuable content, you need to share it. Having a blog is a great way to do that. You can write your content and put it up for the world to see. You want to share that content with as many people possible. The Premium WordPress Themes and plugins that offer social media icon support can help with this. Readers of your content will be able to “Like”, share, or “re-tweet” content on your site. Having a third-party plugin, such as Sociable, installed on your blog will make it even easier to share.

Setting up social media profiles for your business on different networks can lead people back to your site. This can increase your small business reach so you can find your customers. You’ll find that blogging works well with social media marketing and they are naturally compatible. Make the most of this.

Build Better SEO for Your Business

Blogging, tweeting, and sharing your content will help your SEO as well. Having great content on your site, and quality links leading back to your site, will help improve your SEO and increase ranking in the search engines. But great content alone isn’t enough. Frequently updating your site with new quality content sends a signal to search engines to index your site more often, which can also help to push your site higher in the ranks. This will lead to more people visiting to your website and more potential customers finding you.


Surviving in the business world today might be difficult, but by effectively using your blog and utilizing social media, your businesses will not only survive — it will thrive.

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