Why All Businesses, Regardless of Size, Need a Website

Long gone are the days when having a website was a novelty. In today’s fast-paced business world, it’s an absolute necessity.

10 Reasons Why You Need A Website

10. Accessibility & Availability

The Internet is not platform specific. This means that anyone, on any computer (or mobile device), using any operating system, has access to the same information. It’s relatively easy to learn and it is accessible 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, 52-weeks a year.

09. Adaptability

A website allows you to change or update it’s information easily, allowing you to provide your visitors with the latest information on your products and services.

08. Reliability

The Internet is not dependent on any one computer. Because of this, it’s virtually impossible for the entire Internet to crash. Even if one computer, or group of computers, goes down, the rest of the network will simply rout around the outage until the problem has been resolved.

07. Collect Customer Information

Your website can prompt visitors to complete a profile of themselves which can help you to create a demographic database based on their preferences. This information can be used by your marketing department to assist in creating advertising campaigns.

06. Provide Information to your Customers

You can provide customers with the most up to date information about your products and services. Putting a “What’s New” or blog section on your site can help your customers easily find all the latest news. It also gives you a platform to engage your customers, answer questions, and get instant feedback about your business and brand.

05. Sell Your Products or Services Online

With recent improvements in the securing of information being transmitted over the Internet, Ecommerce (electronic commerce) is here to stay. Doesn’t a point-of-sale for the cost of a website sound good!

04. Generate Opportunities

With the growing popularity of the Internet, an online catalog is a perfect way to introduce prospective customers to your line of products or services. Website surveys are another way to gather information and possibly generate new product ideas.

03. Expand Internationally

The Internet is GLOBAL. There are no boundaries, which means you can conduct business and attract customers in international markets.

02. Provide Improved Customer Service

Service and support can be offered through your website. This can help to increase consumer confidence in your company, knowing that they can find help if they need it. FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) are commonplace now on most websites, and message boards offer your customers to post questions or comments that can be answered by your technical support staff or other users.

01. Keep Up With Your Competition

Your competitors have a website, what are you going to do? Even if you feel you don’t need a website, can you afford to let your competition gain an edge?

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