What Your Email Addresss Says About Your Business

Do you do email marketing? Do your customers trust you? The answer may surprise you.

If you’re selling goods or services through email marketing, trust is paramount to success.

And the single most important element to building trust with potential customers is looking professional. And that means having a business email address.

Think about it. Would you be more inclined to purchase a product from a someone with a email address from a free email account like “ShoppingDeals6254@aol.com” or from a someone with an email address that matches their business web site address like, “sales@BestShoppingDeals.com” ?

An email address from a matching business domain name builds trust and signals you’re serious about business. And people buy from businesses they trust.

I’m serious about this.

So much so, we no longer send estimates to free email accounts. Because in business, you have two choices; Succeed or Fail.

And if they aren’t serious about succeeding, nothing we do can’t help them.

So if you don’t have a business domain name with a matching email address, you can get one for around $9.

My personal choice was Domain-Blaster.com.

They’ve been around forever, have great 24/7 customer service and you get free email and a TON of other free extras too.

But the important thing is, no matter where you decide to get your business domain name, just get one. You’ll look more professional and customers will trust you more.

And like I said above, trust = sales.

P.S. One more tip. After you get your domain name, you can setup multiple emails accounts. That way you can use one strictly for business, one for family, one for social media and networking, etc.

P.P.S. Check out this great ebook, “How To Turn Traffic and Trust Into Sales

P.P.P.S Just kidding. I mean, who writes three P.S’s?

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