Why Banner Ad Advertising Still Matters

Banner ad advertising is not dead. In fact, banner ads show surprising growth.

US Online Ad Revenues, by Format, 2009 2010

US Online Ad Revenues, by Format, 2009 2010 1

A MSN internet advertising effectiveness research study shows that:

  • Between 7% and 12% of the total time Internet users spend on Web pages is spent viewing ads.
  • Online advertising can increase brand awareness among consumers by as much as 300 percent — beating magazines, newspapers and even television!
  • Respondents were over 3 times more likely to purchase an advertised brand than survey respondents who didn’t remember seeing the online ad campaign.
  • Consumers’ intent to purchase was higher for ads from new online brands compared to advertising for established offline brands.
  • Online ad campaigns not only assist companies with their branding goals, but also have a bottom-line impact on a consumers decision to purchase an advertised product or service.

Display advertising, which includes banner ads, is on track to surpass search advertising by 2015.2

And banner advertising, which includes basic static display images, saw a 23.1% ad spending growth in 2010 and accounted for 62.9% of all display ad spending.

So if you’re thinking about advertising with banner ads, it’s definitely a great time to do it.

Before getting started, make sure to define your advertising goals, research ad placement, get a great banner ad designer. And remember, banner advertising (like outdoor billboards) is a great way to improve brand awareness.

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