5 Ways To Promote A Brand New Website

Your new website is one of the most impactful business tools in your marketing strategy. As more and more of our professional and personal lives migrate online, potential customers are increasingly relying on online research to drive their buying decisions. Here are five ways to promote a brand new website you can implement today to start building an online brand presence and captive audience of potential customers.

promote website

Not to worry, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. These marketing tips can be quickly integrated into offline marketing materials you’re likely already using – making your marketing efforts work even harder by promoting your online presence too.

1. Update your Business Cards with Your New Website

One of the easiest ways to promote your new website is to feature it prominently on your business card. Try listing your website first in the contact information stack in a larger font, or positioning it immediately underneath your brand logo. This will reinforce your website as the online extension of your brand and establish it as the best way to easily access more information about your business.

Looking to make an even bolder statement with your website? Place it on the back of your business card in a larger sized white font against a bright color that is on brand. Your potential customers and partners won’t miss it.

2. Include Your Website and Logo on Menus and More

Now that your website is a new resources for your customers, make sure to include it on all printed materials you produce for your business, including menus, flyers, promotional postcards, and more. You’ve already invested in these marketing materials, so when your supplies run low, take a few minutes to update the designs with your website address to easily start promoting it.

Tip: Make sure your website is mobile-friendly — 80% of Internet users own a smart phone and 47% own a mobile tablet (source) — because customers may use their mobile devices to immediately visit website upon seeing it on your marketing materials.

3. Add Your Website to Employee Uniforms

Your website is just as much a part of your business identity now as your logo, so update company uniforms — including custom shirts, polo’s, and embroidered hats — to include your website address. This is a great way to increase the overall visibility of your business and can be an excellent source for new business, especially at job sites. Put your logo and website prominently on the back of a custom t-shirt and people who pass by can easily see the type of work your team does and how they can contact you.

4. Include Your Website on Customer Comment Cards

Any time you’re asking your customers to provide feedback about your business, use the opportunity to share your new website with them. It’s a great resource for them in-between visits to your business and the perfect way to communicate important messages such as special events, promotions, or sales.

Including the website also makes it more likely that your customers will visit your new website, or perhaps write an online review about your business. Make it easy for them to remember your business and the excellent experience they had, so they can share it with other potential customers!

5. Use Stickers to Promote Your Logo and New Website

Some of the world’s most popular and beloved brands like Apple, Sketchers, and Toms have spread their brands, and their websites, around the globe through simple, cost-effective stickers. Make these available to your customers and you’re sure to see them show up on laptops, notebooks, phone cases, skateboards, bicycles, car bumpers, and more. Include them with every purchase or use them to seal your packaging for even more visibility. The more frequently your new website is seen, the more online traffic you can potentially generate from existing customers and new ones.

Bonus Tip

When including your website address on marketing materials, there’s no need to include “http://www.” It’s fairly common knowledge the “http://www.” part is a given and just makes the address longer. For example, for this website, we don’t display our URL as https://www.kristofcreative.com. Instead, we simply use kristofcreative.com

As you can see, although the above five marketing tips to promote your new website are simple and easy to implement, they can increase brand awareness and generate new business an customers.

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