2008 Olympics Are Coming To Kristof Creative

If you’ve caught even a whiff of news over the last year, then you know the 2008 Summer Olympic Games will be kicking off in Beijing, China in less than 48 hours.

Athletes from all over the world having been training for a minimum of fours year–some their whole life–for a chance to prove their mettle and bring home the Gold.

It’s truly going to be an exciting time.

I’m a huge fan and support the Olympics. Not as an official sponsor but as a citizen of the world who respects the perseverance, dedication, and sacrifice it takes to achieve a goal.

Although I have come to terms that I will never pole vault 18 feet, I have dedicated the last 16 years to learning the art, strategy and marketing of the advertising and design world. And it is within these realms I am proud to announce we will be launching the Olympic Marketing Series on Thursday, August 7 (after I’ve watched the open ceremonies).

The Olympic Marketing Series

The Olympic Marketing Series promises to be a powerful sequence of marketing and advertising information and creative tips to help YOUR business.

Currently, this is looking to be a 10 part series presented in a variety of formats; text, PDF, audio, and video.

We will be providing inside information covering a range of topics from strategy, domain names, and branding to email marketing, business marketing materials, websites, business blogs, traffic generation and much more.

Preliminary Series Outline

  • Part I: Strategy to Success
  • Part II: Domain Name Enlightenment
  • Part III: Working Your Location
  • Part IV: The ID, The Ego, and the Super Logo
  • Part V: The Business of Business Cards
  • Part VI: Creating Killer Marketing Materials
  • Part VII: Spinning Your Own Web
  • Part VIII: Pinging Your Business
  • Part IX: Relationship Marketing
  • Part X: Essential Offline Advertising Tips

A Special Surprise

With the launch of the Olympic Marketing Series, I have a special surprise.

A leading strategy and marketing consultant has agreed to kick off the series with an interview. I’m really excited to have this person on-board as the interview promises to be filled with great information.

The interview will be posted here in streaming audio format. It’s a definite “don’t miss”.

And, if you’re a subscriber to our email newsletter, you will also get access to download a free (PDF) transcript of the entire interview plus the mp3 recording.


Please post your thoughts and comments below. Thanks!