Found Adobe Acrobat Logo

As much as I love logo design, I don’t actively search for logo’s in obscure places. That said, seems I’ve been stumbling across quite a few lately. Not the real, official logo’s of businesses and products, but the close approximations. And they’ve been turning up in the strangest of places.

To get an idea of what I’m talking about, here’s the first example;

Official Adobe Acrobat Logo

Adobe Acrobat Logo

Official Adobe Acrobat Logo

Found Logo

Adobe Acrobat Logo in Bed Mattress Stiching

Adobe Acrobat Logo in Bed Mattress Stiching

Yep, I discovered the Acrobat logo replicated as stitching in a bed mattress?

Okay, “acrobat/mattress” I see the correlation, but still…

So this is either a case of Life imitating Art, Art imitating Life, or perhaps it’s Art imitating Art. You choose.

More examples to come. If you happen to stumble across a logo replicated in a strange or unofficial place, drop me a line and I’ll post it. Thanks.

Please post your thoughts and comments below. Thanks!