Storyboard Templates: The Ultimate Collection

If you want to create a professional storyboard for your film, video, or television commercial, you need to start with a great template.

Collection of Storyboard Templates

Quickly Create Professional Storyboards

Presentation is everything!

To be successful, you need a great looking storyboard that sells your ideas. Whether it’s to a client or a potential investor, these templates will help make your ideas look their best.

Save Time

With over 20 years experience as a professional Art Director, I’ve learned that speed is of the essence.

The less time you spend creating your storyboard, the more time you have to create award winning ideas. Which is why these templates give you the most common industry specific storyboard layouts and sizes — so you can finish your storyboards fast!

You no longer have to worry about creating storyboard templates form scratch — all of the tedious work is done for you.

Whether you need to quickly sketch story ideas and key script dialogue using a PDF template, or use an editable Adobe InDesign template to create a high-quality storyboard for a presentation, you’ll have everything you need to start creating professional TV and film storyboards!

Don’t waste time and energy in pre-production creating your storyboard templates by hand when you can get this ultimate collection of templates right now!

Showcase Your Creativity

These pre-designed templates were created to help showcase your talent.

Just add scripted text, video descriptions, and your drawings, photos, or illustrations directly into the template and you’ll have an amazing storyboard that’s ready to share.

99 Templates: 1 Amazingly Low Price

A “huge selection” is an understatement. You’ll have 99 storyboard templates to use with your film or television projects so you can quickly visualize and fine-tune key frames in your video before filming or editing.

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Editable Storyboard Templates

Each of the below listed files were created with Adobe InDesign CS3 and includes 2 Template Options. Choose a template with a White background with black text or, for a dramatic style, choose a Black background template with white text. These files are completely editable so you can modify them to match your exact needs!

Print-Ready PDF Storyboard Templates

33 storyboard template PDFs were designed with speed and ease-of-use in mind. They feature production correct aspect ratios and include space to draw individual frames and add dialogue, video and screen directions, or other notes. Their white backgrounds with text placeholders are ready to be printed and used!

66 Adobe InDesign Templates

  1. 02 frame storyboard 17×11.indd
  2. 02 frame storyboard 28.5×17.indd
  3. 03 frame storyboard 17×11.indd
  4. 03 frame storyboard 25×16.indd
  5. 03 frame storyboard 28.5×17.indd
  6. 04 frame storyboard 8.5×11 B.indd
  7. 04 frame storyboard 8.5×11.indd
  8. 04 frame storyboard 11×8.5.indd
  9. 04 frame storyboard 25×16.indd
  10. 04 frame storyboard 28.5×17.indd
  11. 05 frame storyboard 17×27.indd
  12. 06 frame storyboard 11×8.5.indd
  13. 06 frame storyboard 17×11.indd
  14. 08 frame storyboard 11×8.5.indd
  15. 08 frame storyboard 17×11.pdf
  16. 09 frame storyboard 11×8.5.indd
  17. 09 frame storyboard 17×11.indd
  18. 09 frame storyboard 24×16.indd
  19. 10 frame storyboard 28×16.indd
  20. 10 frame storyboard 30×16.indd
  21. 12 frame storyboard 11×8.5.indd
  22. 12 frame storyboard 17×11.indd
  23. 12 frame storyboard 28×16.indd
  24. 12 frame storyboard 30×16.indd
  25. 15 frame storyboard 17×11.indd
  26. 16 frame storyboard 40×16.indd
  27. 18 frame storyboard 40×16.indd
  28. 24 frame storyboard 11×8.5.indd
  29. 32 frame storyboard 25.5×16.indd
  30. Key Frame + 02 frame storyboard 25×16.indd
  31. Key Frame + 03 frame storyboard 11×8.5.indd
  32. Key Frame storyboard 8.5×11.indd
  33. Key Frame storyboard 8.5×11.indd

+ 33 PDF Templates

  1. 02 frame storyboard 17×11.pdf
  2. 02 frame storyboard 28.5×17.pdf
  3. 03 frame storyboard 17×11.pdf
  4. 03 frame storyboard 25×16.pdf
  5. 03 frame storyboard 28.5×17.pdf
  6. 04 frame storyboard 8.5×11 B.pdf
  7. 04 frame storyboard 8.5×11.pdf
  8. 04 frame storyboard 11×8.5.pdf
  9. 04 frame storyboard 25×16.pdf
  10. 04 frame storyboard 28.5×17.pdf
  11. 05 frame storyboard 17×27.pdf
  12. 06 frame storyboard 11×8.5.pdf
  13. 06 frame storyboard 17×11.pdf
  14. 08 frame storyboard 11×8.5.pdf
  15. 08 frame storyboard 17×11.pdf
  16. 09 frame storyboard 11×8.5.pdf
  17. 09 frame storyboard 17×11.pdf
  18. 09 frame storyboard 24×16.pdf
  19. 10 frame storyboard 28×16.pdf
  20. 10 frame storyboard 30×16.pdf
  21. 12 frame storyboard 11×8.5.pdf
  22. 12 frame storyboard 17×11.pdf
  23. 12 frame storyboard 28×16.pdf
  24. 12 frame storyboard 30×16.pdf
  25. 15 frame storyboard 17×11.pdf
  26. 16 frame storyboard 40×16.pdf
  27. 18 frame storyboard 40×16.pdf
  28. 24 frame storyboard 11×8.5.pdf
  29. 32 frame storyboard 25.5×16.pdf
  30. Key Frame + 02 frame storyboard 25×16.pdf
  31. Key Frame + 03 frame storyboard 11×8.5.pdf
  32. Key Frame storyboard 8.5×11.pdf
  33. Key Frame storyboard 11×8.5.pdf

Special Free Bonus Production Templates!

To help get you started, you’ll also receive — completely free — the following production files.

  • Sample production budget (Excel / XLS)
  • TV Production Budgeting Worksheet (PDF)
  • TV Production Estimating Form (PDF)
  • Storyboard Templates for Photoshop (Video Title Safe)
    • 640×480.psd
    • 648×486.psd
    • 720×540 TV Title Safe.psd
    • 768×576.psd

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