Why You Should Hire Us

Due-diligence is essential before hiring any agency to handle your advertising and marketing account. Here are just a few reasons why you should hire Kristof Creative.

In-depth Experience

20+ years in advertising, design, and marketing has resulted in experience with all business sizes — from the home-based entrepreneur to Fortune 500 companies like Dr. Pepper, AT&T , Holiday Inn, and Johnson & Johnson.

All-in-all, hundreds of clients across 14 countries, 5 continents, and 84 industries.

Award Winning Work

Let’s be honest, every ad agency and design firms loves to win creative awards.

But it’s not the award itself that agencies covet (although some awards are quite pretty), but what the wards represents — that the work has been recognized by leaders in the field as going above and beyond. The creativity is being honored for helping push the boundaries of what can be accomplished. In essence, the creative work has stood out — and that’s what’s important. Because advertising, design, and marketing work that stands out, is the work that helps our clients make money. View samples of our award winning portfolio.

Effective Results

As they say, “The proof is in the pudding.” Here are a few samples of the incredible results we’ve helped our clients achieve.

  • Best Read Ad” for an economic development print ad in Fortune magazine December, year-end, double-issue investment guide.
  • A financial services print ad we created single-handedly brought in $1.5 million in sales and opened 172 new accounts.
  • A PPC campaign we created and managed had an amazing 20% conversion rate.

No matter what business you’re in,
Kristof Creative can help you do more of it.

As experts in creative advertising, writing, design and website development, we’re ready to help your business break away from the clutter and stand-out from the competition.

We put serious talent to work for you. People who know how to get and keep your customer’s attention and make everything you do better looking, smarter sounding, and hotter selling.

Whether you need something created from scratch, or just some “fine-tuning” on work you’ve already done, Kristof Creative is ready to help.

Business Owners Love Working With Us

Perhaps it’s how we provide detailed estimates — in advance — so there’s no surprises. Or that we take the time to explain the project process. Or that we not only listen to what our clients say, but also understand what they really mean. Sometimes it’s the same thing but, ironically, sometimes it’s not.

But don’t just take our word for it, here are some client testimonials.

Now it’s time we help your business achieve a competitive marketing edge. Contact us now for a, consultation or request a free estimate .