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Finding your way around a new place is always a bit confusing. Let’s fix that

How To Find Your Way Around Our Website
A Navigational Overview

We understand your time is valuable. And after spending who knows how much time searching for professional advertising and design specialists, the last thing you want is to get lost looking for the information you need.

In order to help you in this endeavor, we have created this overview of what you can find on our website — and where you can find it.

If, for some reason, you still can’t find what you need, we’ve included three more options.

  • A quick and easy Search form located the top of every page
  • Our official Web site “Site Map” which lists each section of the site along with corresponding pages.
  • Or you can e-mail us your request and we will get back to you with an answer as quick as possible.

Web Site Sections (per site navigation)

Creative Services

In this section you will find a complete menu of the professional advertising, design, marketing, social media, and Internet development services we offer along with descriptions of each.


For an in-depth look at our background, training, list of local, regional and international clients along with the creative awards we’ve won, feel free to take a look around this section.

Design Samples

This section displays one of the most comprehensive portfolio’s of advertising, graphic design, and Web design samples on the Internet. Why did we go to all the trouble to show you all of these design examples? To show you, our next satisfied client, the quality of work we will create for you — even on a limited budget.

Project Estimates

It’s simply a smart business practice to receive a detailed estimate outlining the scope of work to be completed BEFORE work begins. With this in mind, we’ve created an entire section devoted entirely to providing you with project estimates. Simply fill out a form and we will contact you with an estimate within 24-hours.


We don’t feel one once of shame in showcasing the glowing reviews we’ve received. We work really hard to deliver exceptional design and marketing materials to our clients. And when it helps them achieve their goals, we’re more than happy to display their praises.

Marketing Articles

Business doesn’t stand still. That’s why we’re not only constantly reading and learning about new technologies, tools, and resources, but why we’re also constantly writing marketing articles to help your business make more money. You can visit this section anytime to catch up the latest article or simply subscribe to our newsletter to have articles emailed directly to your in-box.

Marketing & Design Resources

We’ve assembled a list of useful and informative advertising, design, marketing and business resources including quick links to stock photography resources, business templates, clip art, search engines and much, much more.


It may be listed near the bottom, but this section is definitely the most important. Thee pages will tell you how you can reach us by email, phone, snail mail and, if you really need to, Morse Code. Just drop us a note and we will contact you ASAP.

Learning Center

The pace of today’s technology makes it difficult to keep up with what’s new and improved so our “Learning Center” includes a variety of tips, tricks, tutorials, print production templates, eBooks and other How-to articles and videos. Because the more you know, the less likely you are to fall behind the competition.

About Us

Want to know more about Kristof Creative — our capabilities, how we think, how we work, press releases, and other interesting tidbits? You’ll find it in this section.

Creative (home page)

If at any time you should want to come back to the main section of this site (where you are now), simply click on our logo in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.