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When it’s time to take your business “to the next level,” it’s time to Release the Creative™ — the creative elements that make your business uniquely your own and the creative business thinkers and advisers who have the professional skills and experience necessary to get the results your business needs.

Release the Creative

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No matter what business you’re in,
Kristof Creative can help you do more of it.

As experts in creative advertising, writing, design and website development, we’re ready to help your business break away from the clutter and stand-out from the competition.

We put serious talent to work for you. People who know how to get and keep your customer’s attention and make everything you do better looking, smarter sounding, and hotter selling.

Whether you need something created from scratch, or just some “fine-tuning” on work you’ve already done, Kristof Creative is ready to help.

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Expertise Includes ( but not limited to );


When is a print ad truly great? When it crystallizes the unique selling point of your business in a way your audience remembers long afterward. When it motivates them to take action–to call you, to buy your product, or to just change the way they think about things. That’s what we do at Kristof Creative. If you need to make a splash–whether in the local newspaper, yellow pages, or even a full-color, national magazine ad campaign, Kristof Creative can get you noticed.

Brochure Design / Flyer Design

Your “silent sales force.” It’s what you count on to make an impression and get your foot in the door when you can’t be there to make the sales pitch yourself. They’re integral to every successful operation — including Internet based businesses. Kristof Creative can take raw sales information and develop it into a dynamic sales piece that helps turn potential prospects into long-lasting clients.

Direct Mail Design

What keeps direct mail communications from ending up in the circular file? Hitting your target market with a laser-focused, attention grabbing, benefit-oriented message specifically designed to make your audience move. Let Kristof Creative help keep your “direct mail” from becoming “junk mail.”

Website Design / Web Development

If you don’t have one — get one — even if it’s just a single informational page. It’s that important.

Recent reports indicate US consumers spent $137.6 billion offline after first getting product or service information online. Twenty-five percent of consumers have changed their opinion about one or more brands after seeing some form of online marketing. Among frequent Internet users, this figure rises to 45%.

So even if you’re not exactly sure what you need, it pays to talk to Kristof Creative about getting your business online and in front of millions of potential customers fast. And our stress-free process will have you wondering why you didn’t contact us sooner.

Search Engine Optimization Experts

Already have a business web site? Great. Now ask yourself, “Does anyone else know I have one?” Unless your Internet marketing plan (if you even have one) has put your site within the top 30 results of the major search engines, the answer could scare you.

Just having a website isn’t enough

In order to take full advantage of 24/7/365 availability–the kind that can makes sales while you sleep–you need the marketing skills and search engine marketing techniques of Kristof Creative. Our experienced team knows what it takes to get your site listed where customers will find you.

You found us. Now let us help your customers find you!

E-mail Newsletters

Staying in contact with existing customers is the number one factor in generating repeat sales and revenue. If you’re not staying in touch with them, your competition will. And e-mail newsletters are one of the fastest and easiest ways to get there first. More than just another e-mail sales pitch, HTML newsletters let the highly skilled designers and writers of Kristof Creative take full advantage of the capabilities of the web to make your pitches sing, and your customers dance.

PowerPoint Presentations

Blah, blah, blah. You’ve been through enough boring presentations to know that without a dynamically designed presentation to hold an audience’s attention, even a great speaker is toast.

Whether you require a simple template or a complete PowerPoint presentation, Kristof Creative has the skills, experience, and tools necessary to create a compelling presentation that helps drive home your sales message and motivate your audience.

Sales Letters and Web Site Content

Having difficulty getting your thoughts and ideas onto paper or online? Let Kristof Creative do the heavy lifting for you. Our experienced writers have what it takes to liven up any subject, and knock any pitch out of the park. Even if you just need a little help rewriting or refining your own work, we’re experts at helping you make what you’ve got even better. It’s actually one of our most popular services.

Don’t let an opportunity to increase your marketing potential slip away. Contact the business design and marketing professionals at Kristof Creative. Just remember, no matter what the project is, we’re your partners every step of the way with a stress-free process.

When you’re ready to take your business to the next level, we’ll be ready to Release the Creative™.

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