Production Process

To fully understand the full scope of what your project may involve, it’s important to understand that there are more steps to completing a project than just design.

Beyond Creative: What happens next?

Printed materials such as brochures, flyers, annual reports, corporate identities, and other items require additional steps.

Once the design work is complete, here’s what happens next.

Print Production Process

Once we have design approval, the prepress process begins.

Mechanical Art

At this stage we will prepare the final project for printing. This step includes the following items;

  • Replace any F.P.O images with final, high-resolution images
  • Kerning all text (also known as type setting)
  • Creating document bleeds
  • Revising and/or correcting color usage to match print specifications
  • Create color and/or black and white print-outs of final file including color, type and print specific call-outs
  • Create prepress service sheet. This document details all files, images, fonts and sizes of your project along with notes to the printer on how it should be printed.

Project Delivery

  • All files related to the final approved project are collected for output and archived to CD or DVD and compressed into a .ZIP file for electronic delivery
  • Final project files are delivered electronically via email or FTP (Compressed files are uploaded to our server for you to download).
  • Approved production files are digitally archived to a cross-platform CD-ROM or DVD, along with corresponding file index for storage and retrieval. A duplicate CD/DVD can be mailed to you for an additional $15.

Paper Stock

Before your project can be printed, you will need to select a style, color and grade of paper for it to be printed on. Many options are available and your printer can help you through this process.


Once your selected vendor has received final project files, they will output the art to film for the creation of printing plates. Or, with the advent of digital technology, the art will go direct to digital production. Production charges vary from vendor to vendor and depending on the size, colors and complexity of the project.

Printing and Delivery

After the printing plates have been created and paper stock selected, your project will be ready for printing. The cost for printing will depend on the final quantity, number of colors, and an assortment of other factors.

Please note: Although Kristof Creative does not provide printing services, we work with many qualified printers and can make a recommendation based on your specific needs.