Medical Billing Flyer Design

Medical Billing Flyer Design for Resolve Link Management

Medical Billing Flyer Design for Resolve Link Management

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Resolve Link Management (RLM) provides medical practitioners with efficient, reliable, and timely handling of billing and account receivables — guaranteeing increased revenue.

Answers The Phone. Schedules Appointments. Costs You A Bundle In Lost Revenue.

It’s a tough reality to accept — an easy issue to resolve. The simple fact is the majority of front office personnel don’t have the necessary training and experience to handle your billing and accounts receivables. Simple medical coding errors can cause your claims to be rejected which delays payment and ultimately impacts your bottom line – cash flow. The professionals at Resolve Link Management can show you how you can get paid by insurance companies within 18 days and avoid a high-percentage of costly rejections. And saving you time and money is just the beginning. We also provide monthly status reports so you can track recovery efforts and our professional services comply with all standards of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Our services will increase your revenue — guaranteed! Contact us today for your free medical code review and billing cost analysis reports. You have absolutely nothing to lose and a stronger bottom line to gain.

Full color (4c). 8.5″ x 11″ (Letter).

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