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Consumers exposed to a company slogan caused them to spend more than when they saw a brand name alone. source: Journal of Consumer Research Download Report

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We Create Memorable Business Slogans

No matter what business you’re in, you must have a Unique Selling Point and a great company slogan to present it.

“A tagline is an easy and inexpensive tool to enhance the image and message of your company. Every company should have one.”
–Rhonda Abrams The right tagline can go a long wayUSA Today

We will take your Unique Selling Point and turn it into a powerful selling tool.

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What is a Unique Selling Point?

A Unique Selling Point (USP) is the single benefit that differentiates your products and/or services from your competitors.

Your USP can be just about anything that gives your customers a reason to buy.

It can be product, service, or price oriented. Such as; quality customer service and support, lasts longer, cleans better, or provides more value for the money.

The best USP proclaims that your product can’t be purchased anywhere else. And one of the best ways to communicate that benefit is with a smart and catchy slogan.

We’ll turn your business benefits into a memorable company slogan

  • A business slogan that customers can react to on a visceral level when they read your new slogan and think; “Wow, that’s really smart, or cool, or fun”, or “Hey, I need to buy _____ ” — you get the idea.
  • A slogan that helps convert potential customers into repeat buyers.
  • And a slogan that helps customers remember your business and makes them want to tells others about your products.

We can help make that happen.

“A good company slogan can mean the difference between a great first impression and being just one of the crowd… Kristof Creative helped us identify and communicate the essence of our business in just three simple words”.
— Wayne Fenstermacher, President,

“Michael provided a quality slogan that encapsulated the message I wanted to send to my current and prospective customers. His customer service and the quality of his work is outstanding.”
— Angela O’Dell, Owner, Body Balance

“Kristof Creative was able to take nothing and turn it into some of the most impressive and functional promotional material my company has ever used.”
— Perry Trest, President, PostDigital, Inc.

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Choose from Two Great Business Slogan Packages

Both packages include our comprehensive Creative Strategy Questionnaire which is used to define the single key benefit, communication goals, target audience, and perceptual challenges your business is facing. The information you provide becomes the foundation for how we help define and differentiate your business from your competition.

A very popular option for businesses that are just getting started or are working with a limited budget!

You’ll receive multiple, diverse business slogan options within 2-3 business days! And unlimited revisions until you’re satisfied. Guaranteed!

For larger, more established companies, we suggest the following option:

Slogan Exploration: (Timing: 5-7 business days)
Based on gathered information, we conduct extensive creative development. We will then present a series of 10 slogans that meet the criteria specified by you in the Creative Strategy Questionnaire.

Slogan Selection / Refinement: (Timing: 3-5 business days)
A final slogan will be selected or, based on your input and direction, we will make up to 2 rounds of refinements. As a rule, most Clients select a slogan from the initial options without further refinements.

Availability Checks: (Timing: 1 business day)
Slogan recommendations will be screened for availability (trademark & .com) but formal legal clearance will be required from the Client. We’ve used this process for Fortune 500 companies and start-ups alike, and have developed many slogans, from food products, to apparel to financial services to technology.

If these services are outside your current budget, we highly recommend this slogan resource. It will help you generate ideas in order to create your own company slogan.

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