How To Create Color Palette In Photoshop From ANY Photo

At some point in time you will want to create a color palette based on a photo image you’re working with and there are a couple options available to you.

  1. You can manually choose colors from the photo
  2. You can use an online tool to upload you photos
  3. Or you can use this quick and easy method

Using the following process in Photoshop, you can quickly create a color palette and add them to your swatches for your projects. This fast and easy how-to video tutorial is sure to save you tons of time and frustration.

How-to Video:
Create Color Palette From Photo

Drop any questions or comments below. Thanks.

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Teddy | July 20th, 2009

Awesome tutorial. I never knew you could use the mosaic filter to create a color scheme out of a photo, let alone adding the colours into swatches. Terrific job!

Michael | July 20th, 2009

@Teddy: Thanks. Glad you found it useful. There are some more exacting methods for creating a color pallet from a photo but this one is really quick for me.

chad engle | July 20th, 2009

Nice! Simple and easy Michael pretty awesome way to do it. Thanks.

Supriya Mendonca | August 8th, 2009

Cool! Now I know how to select my palette of colors. Thanks.

creativereason | December 22nd, 2009

Nice tutorial Michael. This is a very easy way to do this and will save me time in the future.

cepac (@cepac) | June 7th, 2011

DESIGN | Photoshop CS3 Tutorial | How To Create Color Palette From ANY Photo | via @kristofcreative

Social Media Report (@SocialMediaRPT) | June 7th, 2011

DESIGN | Photoshop CS3 Tutorial | How To Create Color Palette From ANY Photo | via @kristofcreative