Political Ad Campaigns

It takes more than a great campaign manager to get your candidate (re)elected, it takes great marketing and creative political print ads and election campaigns.

Kristof Creative will create your election print ads, political campaign slogan, radio spots and TV commercial ideas that draw votes.

Political Print Ads

Get your campaign message out to the media with effective campaign ads created and designed by experienced advertising professionals.

Political News Releases

The press release will be supplied as a Word document. Photography or illustrations supplied by the candidate’s party. This product is for political candidates only. $450.00

Political Attack Ad

It’s unfortunate, but in the political arena it’s a reality — when your opponent starts slinging mud, you need to act quickly. But instead of slinging mud back, we take the higher ground and create powerful print ads that support your position.

Political Yard Signs

It takes a lot for someone to place a yard sign in front of their house. Having a quality sign is half the battle.

The above items do not include printing, taxes or shipping. Approved creative will be supplied as digital art (High resolution PDF format) on CD, DVD or via FTP or e-mail.

If you have any questions, please contact us on (615) 656-5516.

Political Advertising Campaign

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